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Staying on top of your health is one of the most important calls you can make. Even in a pandemic, there will still be nearly 5,000 people diagnosed with cancer every day in the US. Routine cancer screenings are incredibly important for early detection, especially for individuals with a family history of cancer.

Hit the button below to join the pledge and get your recommended screenings.

Content on this website incorporates recommendations from US-based organizations and government entities, and references US healthcare laws. We understand that due to a rise in COVID-19 cases in several areas of the US, some screenings may not be safe for everyone right now. Please consult your doctor about which of these recommended screenings are right for you at this time. For additional resources, visit StandUpToCancer.org/COVID19.

What Is the Pledge?

The Pledge is your promise that you’ll get screened for cancer and engage in healthy behaviors. That’s it.

We make it really easy. Just click “Take the pledge,” tell us a few important details like your age and gender, and we’ll provide a list of screenings and preventative care that might be right for you.

Screenings can often be done at a clinic or your regular treatment center without a doctor’s appointment. Depending on your health plan, screenings may be available at no additional cost. You can also request a screening while seeing your doctor for other reasons.

Play by play for taking a healthy stand

Cancer can be a formidable opponent. That’s why we want to show you all the right moves for getting screened and maintaining good health. Watch as our team of celebrated sports broadcasters lay down some color commentary to encourage you to take the pledge to reduce your cancer risk.


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